Why Sponsor the NW Nail Retreat?

This 4 day event is the only one of its kind in the industry. Created by Nail Techs for Nail Techs, the focus is on inexpensive education without distraction. The lodging and meals are covered in their registration price, plus 4 full days of education. 2013bag The cabins they stay in house 5-6 techs and a nail table for them to play each night after all the activities have finished. We hand out the sponsored swag bags after dinner the first night, giving everyone the opportunity to spend ALL weekend reading brochures, testing products and using them on eachother in hands on classes. There is no tv and no internet at this facility so the techs will find themselves completely immersed in YOUR products!

If you send educators, they can teach a variety of classes and sell product at classes. If you plan on selling product in class we suggest at least 2 people coming, so one can handle sales while the other handles teaching. This is very important since 5 of the classes are just 75 minutes. People will decide to just buy later as opposed to missing their next class if they are waiting in a long line to purchase. There is also a trade show portion of the event for additional sales. There is NO charge to have booth set up at the event. Booth sizes range from 10x10-15x10. Please bring your own extension cords. There are tables available for use and free-standing displays are welcome.



How do I follow up with attendees?

shirtsEvery company who sponsors the event will receive and email shortly after the event that has a list of all who attended. This will give you the opportunity to add them to your marketing newsletters and followup with them on the products they sampled from the bags. Your company logo is printed on large banners that are placed around the Retreat all weekend. The logo is also on every t-shirt that the attendees and educators receive. Your logo and website link will remain on our Website all year! Nail Talk Radio will review all products sent for the swag bags and pictures will be placed on facebook both on their site and the NW Nail Techs Facebook page. The Northwest area is void of large trade shows for nail techs. Many attendees come from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado and Montana to attend this event as well as a large group from Canada and across the United States. You have the opportunity to get product in the hands of these NW Nail Techs who may have never even heard of your product before! Up to 20% of those who atted are also students still in school who have never been exposed to products other than what comes in their kit. This is an incredible opportunity to put product in their hands that they may use through out their career!