Competition scoresheets

Scoring for “Simply Salon Nails”
_____   LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: 10 pts.
How difficult the technique or skill required to accomplish the nail.

______  SMILE LINE: 10 pts.
Crisp, in balance with cuticle shape

______  SHAPE: 10 pts.
Length proper for nail bed and hands.  Thinly applied at the cuticle, arch at the stress area and tapered through the free edge.

______  TIP OR FORM PLACEMENT: 10 pts.
Is the tip correctly sized and applied without visible glue.  Is form applied properly.

 ______ PRODUCT APPLICATION: 10 pts.
Application consistency, air bubbles, moons, high shine, smooth surface – no scratches, soft tissue free of nicks or cuts.

______DOWN THE BARREL: 10 pts.
Top vs. underneath shape, thickness, unevenness, dust/glue residue

______ C-CURVE: 10 pts.
Thickness, salon curve shape of 33-40%

______ BALANCE AND HARMONY: 10 pts.
Overall look of the nail.  2 to 1 ratio of nail bed (pink) to free edge (white measured from the smile line


______  TOTAL SCORE                   JUDGE    



Scoring for Mixed Media
_____   LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: 10 pts.
How difficult the technique or skill required to accomplish the nail art.

______  ORIGINALITY: 10 pts.
Is this a fresh, creative and NEW idea? A new twist on an old idea?

Look for mastery of control of implements/tools used to accomplish design.

______  CONSISTENCY: 10 pts.
Nail art is consistent in style and control. Color has a smooth, neat finished appearance.

 ______ FINE ART APPEARANCE: 10 pts.
Images appear constant and do not have a "stenciled" appearance. Hand-cut stencil/ mask designs receive higher points than "out of the box" images.

Artwork that demonstrates contouring, shadowing and other unique techniques.

______ USE OF COLOR: 10 pts.
Use of complimentary and contrasting color techniques; knowledge of color theory apparent in finished artwork.

______ WORKMANSHIP: 10 pts.
Overall view of completed artwork. Is the design too "busy"?


______  TOTAL SCORE                   JUDGE    




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