Competition rules

“Simply Salon Nails”

  1. Nail Tech has 60 mintues to do ONE hand pink and whites.. You can work on yourself if you do not have a model. There is NO FEE to compete but we do offer Prizes! The judging forms you will see on Monday during your workshop, so you will be able to practice what you learn Monday. See how much you improve and maybe YOU will win! Application can be done using natural or clear tips or sculpting with forms. No white tips.
    SALON STYLE - normal smile lines & C-Curve, no extra points for deep competition style smile lines or C-Curves. PINK & WHITES -- NO: Color Acrylic, Glitter Acrylic, Glitter Gel or Color Gel Nails may be any length and shape. Shape and/or length should be "normal Salon length".


Mixed Media Junior & Senior

NAIL ART THEME FOR NAIL CRUISE TO HAWAII: OCEAN (place, animals, etc) Remember the comp is for attendees only, no entry fee. Prizes and medals for each category...student/novice, veteran, educator. This is mixed media so no 3D higher than 1/4". Bring them with you to camp. Turn in 4 tips minimum. Rules on the web site say 3D only to 1/8th, but changing that to 1/4. Have fun, remember, do not post pictures for your entry until after it is judged at camp.
    Mixed Media Novice, Veteran, Educator All art must be created specifically for this competition, no recycled art. Tips must be out of the box, no flatening or altering tips other than to shorten them. TIPS (minimum of 4) completed BEFORE you come to the event. No live models. Attach tips to single color base so that they are secure and will not move. Foam core board works great.
    All tips should follow the theme.
    Nothing more than 1/4” high, hanging, dangling, extending off the nail tip. Art should be contained withing the canvas or the nail only. No background art work should be present on the base you affix your art to. Art can be disqualified if the 1/4” limit is exceeded.
    Nails may be any length.
    You must include at least 4 elements of mixed media, hand paint, airbrush, acrylic, gel, crystals, glitter, mylar, netting, pigments, caviar beads or stones. NO DECALS, STAMPING, CANES, JEWELRY TYPE ITEMS, or licensed characters or logos may be used.
    No Essay needed for this year's competition.


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