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"I attended the 2011 Northwest Nail Tech retreat hoping to learn a few new things, instead i learned more than I could ever have imagined! I was a student at the time and I think I learned more in that weekend than I ever coulld have in months of school because of the intensive classes and training. I also had so much more fun than I ever thought I would! It was like summer camp, sleepovers and intensive college prep rolled into one!"


"This was the best show I've ever been to;  the experience, bonding, learning laughter and great food!!  It was great to have no outside distractions and the best educators ever, in the most beautiful location!  Thanks to all the work and effort that went into this.  I really appreciate everything and it was well worth the money."


"More bang for my buck than any other event north of the Premiere networking event in Orlando!  To get great food, beautiful retreat accommodations, a mini trade show plus classes and entertainment for $100/day?!?  Where else but in the beautiful northwest!  I had so much fun an met so many great people who also plan to return I can't imagine NOT returning next year!"

"This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I hope will be a once a year lifetime experience!  Meeting and learning from so many top pros was incredible.  Not to mention how much fun and awesome friends you will make!"


"You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!"


"This Event was very well organized - I have learned so much in the 4 days. The education was incredible and the educators were AWESOME!!"

"Fantastic opportunity to sharpen and expand one's skill.  To experience and see cutting edge concepts and ideas... to meet the very people on the cutting edge of the nail industry and technology.  I would do this again and again!"

"This was such a helpful and enlightening experience for me.  Being a student it was really amazing to be surrounded by so many professionals, all of whom, regardless of if they had a year or 30 years experience, still maintained a thirst for knowledge and self improvement.  The sense of community at this event far exceeded my expectations and I am truly grateful and blessed to have been able to share a space with this wonderful ladies in a beautiful setting.  Overall, an incredible experience!"

"You missed the event of the year."

"I loved the networking and gaining so much knowledge in 4 days!  The camp was absolutely beautiful and peaceful. "

"I am very proud of all the nail techs that attended this event.  They all had very high standards and work very hard.  It was beautifully planned!"

"All the classes were great!  I liked that everything stayed on schedule and no time was wasted.  Just come!  You'll be glad you did!"

"NW Nailtech Retreat is so beneficial to your career.  From meeting the leaders in our industry to learning so much, I loved every minute of it.  We should all continue our education for us and our guest.  Keep the excitement going in our industry.  This was definitely the place to do it!  Thanks to everyone for supporting EBBC and see you next year for bigger and better things!!"

"Still being in school, this event has shown me what I can do!  I learned things I never knew were out there.  Having spent this weekend with all these wonderful women, I know I've got several outlets to go to when I need the help."

"I can look at my work now in a new way and improve considerably.  I recommend this event for any nail tech, in school or not.

"LOVED IT!  It's the best event, information and feedback I've received since I became a nail tech."

"I learned more this weekend than I have since graduating nail school. I cannot wait to try my new products and techniques on clients!"

"This was a fabulous way to learn and get excited about our profession again!"

"I can't pick one thing I loved!  The networking, friendships, awesome critiques and more knowledge!  My brain is full and happy!"

"This is a huge experience for all of us nail techs to come together to learn and spend time together with the thing that we enjoy doing in life."

"You can't beat the open access to education and fun in such a beautiful and supportive atmosphere."

"It was such a great experience and I learned so much.  I think that every nail tech and student should attend."

"It was great having the time to talk with all the professionals as well as other techs.  Lots of good information and tips from everyone."

"I loved the laughter and all the education!"

"having only been a student for 6 weeks, I was very intimidated by all the professionals.  They were not only willing to offer tips to help with application and filing, they always did it with a smile.  These women are the most wonderful mentors and the friendships made at this retreat will surely last a lifetime!"

"Had a great time, learned a lot and met some great people!"

"This was a great group of people!!  The director was awesome and everything was really relaxed and beautiful!  Big thank you to the educators that came out and look forward to lots more next year!"

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