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Nicknamed "Nail Camp" by past Nail Techs attending, this Retreat was the first of it's kind and still the only one in the country to span 4 days and be all inclusive! This coming year in 2018, Nail Camp is going to sea! With 5 full days at sea, this particular cruise allows us the time for all the amazing classes, workshops and competition time that we always have at Nail Camp in Washington, only this time we get maids, 24 hour FREE room service, beaches and pools!
Each Day we will have our Nail Camp schedule of events from 9am-3pm and will end our days at 3 to go enjoy the pool, a nap, the spa, the workout rooms or even activities like cooking classes at sea!
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FREE competitions included! Don't be afriad, this is how you can see how your nails stack up against other REAL WORLD nail techs, not competition techs. Learn new tricks in your classes and at the workshop Friday, then come compete on Saturday. Cash Prizes and medals will be awarded for competitors in both Novice and Senior Simply Salon nails as well as Mixed Media.

Competitions judged by top award winning competitors! Have your work critiqued by the best and spend some time with them after competition is over to help you improve your skills.

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The classes at Nail Camp are unlike other events. When you walk around a trade show, you stumble upon a demo that may be finishing and think "OHH I wish I had got here half an hour sooner to see how that was done!" At Nail Camp you get to pick the demo classes you get to see. Not sure what workshops you want to attend? These demo classes give you a sneak peak at what the company or educator has to offer.

We have 2 workshops we always offer. A 5 hour workshop and a 3 hour workshop. Some workshops are free and others have a small charge, which is less than what they would cost on their own in the real world (typically just $50-100). Longer workshops may be available before the cruise in Vancouver or after the cruise in Oahu!


Vicki Peters



Every year we have Nail Camp at Camp Burton in Washington, we honor our dear sweet friend who passed a few years ago; Vicki Peters. She was an incredible nail tech, teacher, mentor competitor and friend. She was a pivotal role in helping start the NW Nail Retreat, which is now nicknamed "Nail Camp." She believed in education for all and was passionate about educating new Nail Techs and veterans alike. We love her passion for the industry and strive to keep her memory alive by providing a scholarship to the event that she loved so much.

In 2018 we are re-creating a cruise that Nail Camp techs Jessica Briarmoon and Holly Schippers took with Vicki in 2013 to Hawaii. With 5 days at sea it was the most education that could be offered at a "Nail Cruise." There is no way we can cram all of the classes and activities from the Retreat into a regular 7 day cruise, so we are taking Nail Camp to Hawaii on the 10 day cruise!

The Vicki Peters Scholarship for the NW Nail Retreat at Camp Burton will Resume for the 2019 event.

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