When: September 7-17, 2018
Where: Cruising the Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas
Cost: $1260+ (cabin and occupancy varies cost)
What is included in the cost?  Cruise! Most classes and seminars all week (additional workshops are optional). canvas product goodie bag filled with product and information, Keynote Seminars, evening parties, most workshops and seminars taught during the trade show hours.  Some of the workshops Friday and Monday are free, a few of them are $50. You can choose which you would like to attend.   Back to top ^

What is not included in the cost?   Transportation to and from Camp Burton. Additional Optional paid workshops. There will always be FREE worhshops occuring at the same time as the paid workshops so those who do not want to pay for additional classes do not have to.   Back to top ^

How will I get my Swag Bag of products?   Our event is unique, and so are our swag bags! Each heavy duty bag is filled with over 20 pounds of brochures and FREE product! Since we have so many generous companies who donate but can not send educators, we will give you your bag completely filled on the first night of the Retreat. This will let you go back to your cabins that night and start reading product information and play with the product! If you are flying into this event, you will be happy to know that some of our acrylic companies send small kits that include monomer so you will not have to bring it with you. Make sure you bring room in your suitcase for all this fantastic product and things you may purchase at the trade show!   Back to top ^

What should I bring?  All the clothes for the trip, including 2-3 formal outfits for formal dinners. A few swimsuits so one can be drying while you use another. Don't overdo the nail products. Bring what you would need for a standard pink and white set and if you were going to do your nails at home. Check out the Cruise Tips section for specific items to pack to make your cruise easier.  Back to top ^

I don't live in the Northwest, can I come?  Absolutely!  At least 25% of those attending do not live in the Northwest! We hope to see nail techs from all over the place looking for an inexpensive mini vacation where they can learn a ton and is also a write off! We have had techs fly in from all over the country from Kansas to New York.   Back to top ^

Can I bring my husband or children?   Yes!! Whats better than a Nailcation that is a write off! Husbands and children are welcome, they can enjoy the ship and hanging out with the other husbands (we already have quite a few confirmed coming!) while you are in nail camp until 3pm. Then you are free to join them to relax. We will all sit together as a group at dinners. Childcare all day is FREE and I know from experience, the kids absolutely LOVE kids camp.  Back to top ^

How do I choose my roommates?  With the cruise, if you want to guarantee you will get the cheapest price for 2-4 people, everyone in your cabin needs to be prepared to register and pay their deposit. You can requiest to be roomed with others to get your price down if you are traveling alone, but it will depend on the final number of singles that we can room together.   Back to top ^

What are the drink packages?  Soda package is about $8/day plus gratuity. Deluxe drink package (if you book before the cruise you can typically get 20% off): Costs $55 per guest, per day (before gratuity) and includes beer, wine by the glass (up to $12 value), frozen cocktails, house and premium cocktails (up to $12 value), non-alcoholic cocktails, premium coffee and tea, bottled still and sparkling water, fresh-squeezed juice, fountain sodas with a souvenir Coca-Cola cup and a 40% percent discount on wine bottle purchases under $100 (wines above $100 will receive a 20% discount). Here is the flier for the drink packages CLICK HERE One important thing to note is that the 18% Gratuity IS INCLUDED in drink packages! You need to know that if one Adult purchases an Deluxe drink package in your room, ALL in the room must purchase the package. Drink packages, if bought before the cruise, often will save you 20%! We will post specials when we hear them.   Back to top ^

How are the meals served?   There are many dining options on the ship. The group will have a reserved area in the dining hall for dinners. You can always choose to do the fancier specialty resturants at any time.  Back to top ^

What will be offered if I have a special diet?  The ship has lots of options for gluten free or other allergies. Contact Royal Caribbean for exact specifics with your needs.  Back to top

Are there televisions in the rooms? Yes, they don't have a ton of channels, but typically there is some basic new channels and movies channels that play certain movies.    Back to top ^

Is there Wi-Fi available on site?   The camp is not currently set up for wireless internet, if you have a hot spot device it would come in handy.  Cell phones work fine, and there is an internet cafe about 5 miles away as a last resort if you absolutely need to go do some internet work.... but again, you will be quite busy!  Back to top ^

Should I bring my products or will I be able to purchase any there?  Both.  Bring products for hands on classes, playing on each other and for competitions but do NOT bring an entire suitcase full. Pack what you might for doing your own nails at home, limit yourself to a few things.  You will be able to purchase products during the classes and in between!  Back to top ^

My question was not answered, how can I contact the organizers for help?  Click the "Contact Us" link at or email us by clicking on the Contact page.     Back to top ^
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