Cruise Cost

The cost of the cruise is dependant on a few factors....

Type of Cabin:
Cruise ships have a few kinds of rooms. Balconies are typically the most popular because people love to get up and have breakfast on their deck. Outside cabins have a large window and typically are just a few decks above the water. Inside cabins are completely inside the middle of the ship and have no windows. Some people may dislike inside cabins, but they are great if you like an afternoon nap in the darkness! They will be the least expensive option for your room on deck, but the maid service is twice a day no matter what kind of cabin you reserve. Suites are also available, if you would like a bigger suite, send us an email and we can get you the group rate for that.

How many people in your cabin:
The most common cabin on a cruise is for 2 people. However, we have reserved just about all the 4 bed cabins that are available on the ship! If you plan to come with your family or some of your nail buddies, you can reserve a 4 bed cabin and save some money. However these cabins are VERY limited and are first come, first serve. When you book (we have a bunch of cabins blocked out at a special rate, when they run out we will need to block out more cabins at whatever that rate is at the time.

If you plan to room in a cabin of 4, all 4 people must be ready to reserve. If you plan on a cabin of 4, but only 3 reserve their spot, everyone will need to pay the 3-person cabin price when the final payment is due June 1.

When booking online through a different travel agent or directly through Royal Caribbean, they will not give you a price that includes all the taxes, fees and gratuities. Our group rate includes all of this! Until these cabins sell out, the price is as follows:

There are optional add ons you may want to plan for, like a drink package and excursions. Drink packages on regular cruises are sometimes not worth it because you spend so much of the cruise off the ship. But on a cruise like this, with 5 full days at sea in addition to the first day, a drink package is a very good idea if you like some poolside cocktails and a few glasses of wine at dinner or a nightcap at a show. There is always tea, juice and flavored waters available and there are soda packages as well. See my cruise tips for other ideas on drinks!


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