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  • This is the Class list for Sunday workshops that take place from 9am-12pm. You choose ONE to attend. Some classes are FREE! Others are paid classes with a maximum of 15 students.

    Akzentz Educator:
    Jessica White


    Quick Salon Nail Art

    Learn quick and easy designs such as:
    - Fall and Christmas designs meant for the salon
    Marbling and Dragging
    - Embedding bling and stones using the acclaimed Akzentz Bling On and Shine-On.

    Products for use during class brought to you by LuvNailz.

    Please Bring: art brushes, gel lamp, table lamp, brushes and tips.

    COST: This is a FREE Hands on Class

    Massage Therapist and LCN Educator
    Ellen Torchia


    Massage with Purpose

    After a good service, massage is just not rubbing lotion on hands or feet --- There is a purpose for it. Learn hands on techniques and theory behind why, what and how to massage to keep those clients enjoying "the best part" of the service. You will learn proper strokes and contraindications for massage. You will partner up to get actual hands on experience to learn the right amount of pressure and lotion or oil to make your massage stand out. Bring to class your favorite lotion or oil and a pair of gloves.

    COST: This is a FREE Hands on Class

    LCN Educator & Author
    Lisa Bowles


    A Unique & Game Changing Service: The LCN Anti Age Treatment

    How many times has have you heard from your manicure clients "Oh, my hands look so old!"? The ugly reality is women show signs of aging in their hands (and neck) first – and those are the areas we take care of least! We put sunblock on our faces, but rarely our hands, and over time little dark spots and fine crepey wrinkles creep up on us. Well now there's a solution you can offer to your clients who want youthful looking hands again!
    This is your class if you are looking to expand your client treatments from just caring for their fingernails to addressing the challenges that comes with aging. You will learn how to decrease age spots from the back of the hands as well as plump and firm atrophied skin. Learn what the studio skin expert is and how to accelerate the results you desire by incorporating this in your services.
    Class is 3 hours in duration. Class fee includes LCN Anti Age Kit ($45.00). Certificate upon completion.

    COST: $75 includes a $45 kit.
    REGISTER: Send your $75 registration to Paypal to

    LCN Guest Artist
    DeeDee Desbiens


    Hand Painting

    Whether it's one Stroke or free hand painting we can achieve a salon design from simple to more intricate using different paint mediums such as watercolor, Acrylic or gel paint. You will learn how to choose your brushes, brush care & correct hand placement to paint your design. Beginner to intermediate

    Please Bring: UVLED Lamp, table light, dust brush, dapper dish, buffer, cleanse free gel top coat, Table Towel, pen & paper for notes I will provide all the paint, palettes, brush cleaner, practice tips & glue tac

    COST: $50
    Register: Click Here to Register

    EZ Flow Educator:
    Allie Baker



    Don't just be a square.....nail

    Ever have a request for alternative shapes? Not sure how to create them? We can help! Coffin, Almond, edge, pipe, the list goes on and they can be confusing. In this hands-on workshop we will create as many alternative shapes as we can get through. Be ready to work! Beginners are welcome and encouraged to attend! Gel techs welcome also.
    Please Bring: Acrylic users bring clear, natural, or cover pink powder, dampen dish, acrylic brush. Gel Users bring your gel system, light, and brushes. Monomer, forms, files, provided for use.
    Class fee $40

    Elite Beauty Supplies Educator:
    Michelle McMullin


    Embellishments to sparkle for!

    Not quite sure where to start when it comes to those crazy Bling'd out 3D nails you keep seeing? In this hands on class you will learn how to apply crystals using Elites Resin that will last through each service and how to adhere crystal pixies, chains and long lasting nail jewelry using both gel and acrylic. You will be shown how to create custom salon style 3D embellishments including jewelry stones, bubbles & snow globes, fantasy bows and more! Product kit and Certificate included!
    We will accept a maximum of 15 students in this class to avoid crowding and ensure that everyone gets individual guidance.
    Please Bring: UV lamp, dappen dish, tweezers/katana (rhinestone tool), gel & acrylic brush, art brushes, extension cord, cleanser & wipes.

    COST: $45
    Register: Click Here to Register

    Harmony Educator:
    Sandy Borges


    Mixed media techniques with GELISH and PolyGel

    This workshop shows you how to incorporate GELISH Gel Polish and POLYGEL into your nail art techniques. Products to create design will be provided.
    What to bring: Brushes, Tips to work on, Dappen dish

    COST: This is a FREE Hands on Class

    En Vogue Educators:
    April Marsh & Denyel Elliot-Brechbill


    Oh I can't do that! Overcoming your nail art fears

    We have all watched you tube videos and looked up step by step on Pinterest. But what do you do when a client brings you something you haven't brushed up on? Do you know how to break it down to create your clients dream nails at your skill level? We will take you thru the steps to quickly and effectively breakdown any image into easy replicable steps. By training your eye towards key components you will be able to analyze and calculate the time needed to complete your service and create nail art y pu can be proud of.
    What to bring: Pictures of nail art you want to try. Nail art colors, nail art brushes, nail lamp, and top coat

    COST: $50
    Register: Please create account and register for nw nail retreat nail art class By CLICKING HERE

    ORLY Educator:
    Shiori Durham


    2017 Trend Nail Design Hands-On Workshop

    Have you attended nail art classes and then later struggled to recreate the looks once you got home? This popular hands-on series continues in 2017, featuring textural designs. Learn the 2017 L.A. Style nail designs in this interactive hands-on workshop. Here you will learn to create three different nail art looks: 2-D Playful Poodle, Ice Cream Cone Pop Art, and Textured Crushed Waves designed using ORLY GELFX. All registrants will receive a Certificate of Completion plus a Take Home Kit which includes a Detailer Brush and all the ORLY Gel FX shades you need to recreate the looks you’ve learned in class.

    All supplies and materials will be provided, your take home kit is valued at $65.
    We will accept a maximum of 15 students in this class to avoid crowding and ensure that everyone gets individual guidance.

    COST: $50
    REGISTER: Click HERE to Register

    Wildflowers Owner/Educator:
    Lauren Wireman


    Gel Stamping Workshop

    There are two options for class, and VERY limited availability - please make sure you pick the correct one! DESCRIPTION: In this class, you will master GEL STAMPING with Wildflowers Stamping Gel. This class will cover all techniques of gel stamping, which include: -foiling -glittering -pigments -chromes -embossing
    We will accept a maximum of 15 students in this class to avoid crowding and ensure that everyone gets individual guidance.
    COST: $50

    Elegant Glass Educator:
    Tiffani Cordoza


    The EGN Dip System.. Hands On w/ Kit

    The Elegant Glass Nails Dip System has been around for over 30 years. It is affordable, easy to offer and provides quality results. In this class you will receive a dip system product kit. You will learn how to do a natural nail overlay, tip overlay, sculpt a glue and powder nail, perform a fill and a removal. After this class you will be a master in the dip system and know exactly how to offer and price this service when you get back to the salon. Newbies welcome!

    Please Bring: Kit provided. Please come with a hand trainer or no nails on your non dominant hand for this class. No lights or e-files needed.

    We will accept a maximum of 15 students in this class to avoid crowding and ensure that everyone gets individual guidance.

    COST: $50 REGISTER: Click HERE to Register

    CND Educator:
    Tanya Sisson


    CND Shellac Certification and the Secrets of Success (Hands on)

    Become a CND Shellac Certified Pro** and unlock the Secrets of Shellac - the original Power Polish™. Discover unlimited color and style options that will satisfy your client’s every wish. CND Shellac Certified Pro benefits: º Listing on º Welcome Kit with FREE business-building tools º Quarterly merchandising materials and FREE samples **All are welcome to class. I am only able to qualify CND Shellac Certified Pro status for those that meet the criteria below and are US nail professionals.

    To be certified, attendees must bring:
    Photo I.D.
    CND Shellac Top Coat or CND Xpress5 Top Coat
    CND Shellac Base Coat
    6 CND Shellac Colors
    CND UV Lamp or LED Lamp
    99% Isopropyl Alcohol
    CND Shellac Nourishing Remover.


    REGISTER: Send email to Tanya at to Register so she knows how many to bring supplies for


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