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    A favorite every year! This non-product specific FREE class will include a seminar for new Retreat attendees and techs with less than 5 years experience on proper shape and techniques to create the perfect nail.

    This workshop also is an excellent way to get to know many of the Retreat educators as they assist you one-on-one in proper balance, smile lines and shape of your nails. Everyone needs to come to the Retreat with 4 nails free of product. During the lunch buffet social hour directly after registration, if you do not have a friend with you, find a tech who does not have a partner and you will work on each other. After the short seminar, you will apply 4 nails, one at a time. After each nail you will raise your hand and receive verbal critique on one aspect of that nail. Each nail you will be given a different verbal critique on one important element of your nail: arch & shape, c-curve and smile line. This will allow you to concentrate and focus on one improvement on your nail at a time.

    When you have finished your 4th nail, you will be given a written critique on your final nail and the progress from nail #1. This written critique will be identical to the written score you will receive the next day in competition! The FREE competition is a fantastic way to practice a full hand using the Incredible Improvements you have just made! An important workshop every year because every tech gets to walk away with a hand written critique of their last nail to see where they can further improve.

    Nancy King will be instructing the class for new Retreat attendees and techs with less than 5 years experience. This short class before you get started applying nails is ideal for both the newest nail tech and the seasoned veteran find new ways to perfect their nails.

    Returning Retreat Attendees: Bring last years critique so you can see how far you have come!

    Don't be late, many say this class *alone* is worth the entire weekend and can help you see dramatic improvement in YOUR nails!


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